Starting at the beginning of the new year January 1, 2021, we will no longer be offering Full AKC when purchasing puppies, however we will still be offering Limited AKC. Due to raising cost associated with medical care, and vet services, we will be raising our price on January 1 2021. The new prices are $800 USD for pet and $1000 USD for limited. However if you have already placed a deposit on a current/future litter, we will still honor the agreed upon cost.

We will also be making a few changes on how our paid wait list works. The changes are as follows:

  • First pick of the litter is always going to be reserved for the Breeder.
  • If placed on the wait list, and the Dam does not have a litter, your deposit will be moved to another litter of your choice, however deposits are only transferable for up to two years.
  • If on the paid wait list, you have three days decide on your puppy, if three days passes and we have not heard from you, we will move on to the next pick in the litter.

Additionally, we will no longer be offer shipping under any circumstances. If you are located out of our area and plan to fly into our area to pick up your puppy, please inform us this once you place your deposit and select your puppy.

About PaigeslilHuskies

We are a family owned and operated breeder. All of our fur babies are raised around our three children and are raised in a loving and caring home. We started breeding roughly two years ago. While we feel in love with watching the fur babies grow and develop, we also enjoy experiencing providing loving families the joy of loving fur babies. We pride ourselves in aiding other families in purchasing of their fur baby.

Purchasing Experience

We believe that purchasing one of our fur babies should be an experience for both the prospective new family and the fur baby. We pride ourselves in our customer interaction, and our willingness to aid in any questions, comments, or concerns that the prospective new families may have.

We believe it is important for the new family to watch their fur baby grow and because of this belief, we update photos on a weekly basis and will sometimes provide videos (depending weather) of the fur babies running and playing.