Purchasing Information

 When purchasing your Fur Baby, we do require a nonrefundable holding fee of $200. This price comes off of the total amount due. No puppy will be held without a holding fee being paid.

When purchasing your Fur Baby, we can accept the holding fee in a variety of methods, however when paying the remaining balance due at pick up we only accept cash.

Eye Color, Weight, Coat Color and Length

We are unable to guarantee eye color, weight, coat color (some coat colors are harder to identify than others), or coat length on any of our Fur Babies, since they do change a lot as they grow. However we do attempt to make an educated guess on the eye color, coat color, and coat length before they leave our residence.

For more information about Huskies please visit: https://www.akc.org/dog-breeds/siberian-husky/

Hair Cuts

First, please do not shave your Fur Baby. Husky’s have a dual layered coat. Husky’s are able to regulate their body temperature via their dual coat and once that has been removed they loose their ability to regulate their temperature. This also can lead to your fur baby getting sun burnt. 

Husky’s do shed their coat and having to sweep and pick up hair should be expected.

Husky Behavior Tendency

Husky’s are a very social animals and they enjoy having more than one friend around at all times. They are also a very talkative breed and possess a strong prey drive. They are also very intelligent, mischievous and destructive. This also leads them to be escape artist, however this is usually due to them being bored with their current environment.  

Can you Visit our Establishment?

Sadly, we have had to stop allowing visitors at our residence. There were a few different reasons for this decision, however this wasn’t a decision we made lightly. Ultimately we made this decision to protect our family and our Fur Babies.

Due to possible inconvenience this could cause we are willing to take a video of the puppy, pictures with a piece of paper with a name or whatever is requested written on it. 


If for any reason you need to re-home your puppy/dog, we will gladly aid you in this process. We will accept any of our puppies/dogs back (no matter the age). However we do not offer refunds and we will not purchase the puppy/dog. Once we receive the puppy/dog, we will schedule an appointment with our vet to ensure he/she is up to date on all shots/medications. After they are seen by our vet and we have time to evaluate him/her we will set a rehomeing fee. This fee will aid in covering any vet fees and a new welcome home kit.

Flights/Ground Shipping

Due current events we have stopped shipping.

Puppy Delivery

Due to current events, we are not able to meet outside of Indiana, however we do charge 80 cents a mile (one way) for anything outside of our surrounding area. 

Medical Care

Our Fur babies will arrive up to date on shots which are given at 6 weeks of age. They also will be wormed at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks of age. We give the first does of heart worm prevention at 8 weeks old. Also your fur baby will receive a flea treatment before they go home. Additionally, all of our fur babies will have the our vet visit them during their time with us.

Each of our Fur Babies are treated with 5 days of Safeguard for Giardia and we use 3 days of Marquis for Coccidia.

Once the Fur baby leaves our care we are no longer responsible for any vet bills. We advise the new owner to ensure that their Fur Baby stays away from other young dogs, dogs without shots, sick dogs, and public places till all shots are given to avoid getting your Fur Baby ill.

Additionally, Huskies can have allergies, so it is possible that your fur baby could have a reaction to something in their new homes. However due to the complex nature of allergies we do not provide health guarantees for allergies. If we are aware of any allergies at the time of purchase it will be disclosed, however many times the allergy does not appear till they are in a new environment.

Health Guarantee

Our fur babies come with a 3 day health guarantee. If your vet finds a medical issue, excluding worms, we will take the puppy back and you will receive a replacement puppy when one is available or return the full amount paid. We will require the puppy to have seen your vet within the 3 day window. Health Guarantee is only valid with vet records indicating a life threatening condition, dated within the first 3 days.

Additionally, we will have our vet check the puppy once they arrive back into our care. Once our vet checks the puppy and confirms there is a life threatening illness, we will make arrangements for a replacement puppy or a issue a refund.

We exclude Coccidia and Giardia from the health guarantee because these are commonly caused by stress, drinking or eating fecal matter.

2 Year Genetic Guarantee

All Fur Babies purchased with Full or Limited AKC come with a 2 year genetic guarantee. The guarantee starts the day you pick up your Fur Baby. We offer a replacement puppy once the puppy/dog is returned to us with vet paperwork dated within the time frame of our 2 year agreement stating that your puppy/dog has a genetic disorder. No replacement will be provided until the puppy/dog has been returned to our care and our vet has checked the dog and the genetic disorder has been confirmed. At that time we will replace the puppy/dog with the next available puppy we have that you are interested in.

Full AKC purchasers will be refunded down to Limited AKC if the male Husky’s balls do not drop, however we require that the male be given till his 1st birthday to give time for them to drop as huskies can take longer to drop than other breeds.

What do we Feed?

We feed all of our adults Sportmix Wholesome dog food brand.

We switch all the expecting mothers over to the Sportmix Wholesome Puppy food to allow them to get ready for their Fur Babies.

Once the Fur Babies are old enough for food we contuine to feed the Wholesome Puppy food and we send a sample bag home with each Fur Baby. We do this because we want to the babies to have an easy transition into their new home. This also allows the new owners time to mix their food of choice in with the food that the puppy is use to or allows for the new owner to decide if they want to feed Wholesome as well.

Information about Sportmix Wholesome Food

Over the last few years, we have been feeding Wholesome to our adults. Over the last couple of years we have experimented with different types of Puppy food, however once Wholesome started making their Puppy formula we decided to try it and we have used it since.

Another thing that has aided our decision to switch to Wholesome Puppy is the fact that it is able to be found at many of your neighborhood stores, which allows for the new owners. if they wish, to continue to feed the same food easily. We have been able to find Wholesome products at stores such as Rual King and Tractor Supply.

For more information concerning Sportmix Wholesome lines of food feel free to visit their site via this link. https://www.sportmix.com/dog-food/wholesomes/

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